Student Stories

Kindness can change everything

Many USC students suffer financial hardship while trying to achieve their goal of improving their life through higher education.

For some, their dream will go unfulfilled when financial pressure cause them to leave before they graduate. These students have the most to gain from their study, but often face the biggest challenges.

They need our help and the funds raised on G-Day are making a difference to student's lives by providing Study Support Bursaries. Read the stories below to see how your donation is having a positive impact.

"Ten dollars might seem insignificant, but to a student like me it meant more than you can imagine."

Jenna - 27 - Bachelor of Dietetics graduate

As the final year of my degree approached, I started to worry how I was going to afford to complete the required 21 weeks of practical placements away from the Sunshine Coast.

I knew I had to make some tough decisions, so in third year I actually dropped back to part time study so I could take on a second job in an attempt to earn and save enough money to get me through that last year of study and placements in north Queensland.

I can’t tell you the timely sense of relief I felt when I found out that I’d been awarded a Study Support Scholarship. Had the bursary not been awarded to me I know my studies would have suffered, as a result of financial stress. I graduated and now I’m working to build a career in Indigenous health services with the aim to influence positive change through health policy and community driven health promotion programs.

It’s true that every donation helps. $10 might seem insignificant to a donor, but to a student like me it meant more than you can imagine.

"Every donation is support that allows a vulnerable student to take a breath."

Samantha, 23, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

I’ve always been an advocate for mental health and feel really passionately about helping people live great lives, so when I learnt about mental health occupational therapy as a career option, I enrolled last year to study Health Science as a pathway to a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

I was juggling four casual jobs without any government or family support and it wasn’t long in to my first semester of uni when I found myself incredibly emotionally stressed.

A friend suggested I apply for a Study Support Scholarship, and I was shocked when I found out I was successful. It sounds corny but to every person who chooses to donate to G-Day, you are literally saving the mental health of students when they can’t see a way to make their dream careers a reality. Every donation is a virtual support system that allows a vulnerable student to take a breath, have more time to study and make time to have a more balanced and successful university experience.

The bursary means I can maintain a healthy balance which includes allowing me the time to volunteer with a local youth mental health organisation. I see this as my way of giving back to the community that’s dug deep to support me.

"Thank you for helping me realise my true potential and giving me the opportunity to become something more."

Jacob, Bachelor of Paramedic Science

I have just started as a Graduate Paramedic, a position I would notf not for the support I received from USC through my degree.

I was the lucky recipient of a Study Support Bursary during my last semester of study, which was particularly stressful, involving an 8 week placement. The Bursary allowed me to cut back on hours at work without adding extra pressure of financial hardship. I was fortunate to complete 4 weeks of my placement in Nepal working alongside community health care programs in remote villages.

The Bursary allowed me to focus on my study and achieve high marks, which along with my international experience, helped me to stand out in my job application. Thank you for helping me realise my true potential and giving me the opportunity to become something more."