Student Stories:

How G-Day is making a difference

Many USC students suffer financial hardship while trying to achieve their goal of improving their life through higher education.

For some, their dream will go unfulfilled when financial pressure cause them to leave before they graduate. These students have the most to gain from their study, but often face the biggest challenges.

They need our help and the funds raised on G-Day are making a difference to student's lives by providing Study Support Bursaries. Read the stories below to see how your donation is having a positive impact.

Rebecca - Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies

When I received my scholarship, it changed the direction of my life. I was 19 when I decided to achieve my dream of becoming a high school teacher. Then the financial stress of studying and working full time took its toll and I was forced to abandon my dream.

Ten years later, while working at a teaching conference function, I listened to inspirational speeches and imagined sitting alongside these accomplished educators. I applied to USC the following day.

After a successful first year of my teaching degree, I had to make a choice between my work and continuing my study. I couldn’t allow myself to make the same mistake twice in one lifetime; so I chose my dream of teaching.

When I was at my lowest point, the Study Support Scholarship changed everything for me. I could get up to date with my bills, make sure I had food in the house and petrol in the car. I was able to keep pursuing my dream.

Even a small donation can mean the world to a student. It’s not always about the amount of money you can give – it’s about the difference it can make to a student who needs it.

Thank you!

Jacob - Bachelor of Paramedic Science

I have just started as a Graduate Paramedic, a position I would not have if not for the support I received from USC through my degree.

I was the lucky recipient of a Study Support Bursary during my last semester of study, which was particularly stressful, involving an 8 week placement. The Bursary allowed me to cut back on hours at work without adding extra pressure of financial hardship. I was fortunate to complete 4 weeks of my placement in Nepal working alongside community health care programs in remote villages.

The Bursary allowed me to focus on my study and achieve high marks, which along with my international experience, helped me to stand out in my job application. Thank you for helping me realise my true potential and giving me the opportunity to become something more.

Amy - Bachelor of Paramedic Science

I just graduated from USC and will be forever grateful for the assistance I received from a Bursary in my last year.

As part of my degree, I worked full time as a Paramedic (unpaid) for an 8 week placement in a location away from home. This was challenging, as I also had to find time to study and fit in part time jobs.

The money from the bursary was a huge help and took off a lot of stress, which allowed me to focus on my placement and studies. As a result, I had an incredible experience whilst on placement, maintained good grades and was successful in receiving employment with NSW Ambulance in their first intake following the completion of my degree.

I'm now making a difference by helping people in the community as a Paramedic.