Social Media

Help us spread the word about G-Day! Use your social networks to gather support behind our important causes. Here's some sample words, and downloads to help. 

Don't forget to link your post to your giving area (links below) and use the #UniSCGives hashtag.

Sample Posts

UniSC Giving Day (G-Day)

  • Make life better. Get ready to give for mental health, student support and conservation on 7 September!
  • UniSC's official Giving Day (G-Day) is a day for everyone to GIVE BIG and CREATE CHANGE in our community! Learn more at #UniSCGives
  • Are you ready to be a part of G-Day? It’s a day where we make life better in our community!
  • Let’s show everyone that UniSC is a community that cares. On G-Day help us create change in areas of mental health, student support and conservation.
  • I'm giving on G-Day! Let's work together to make life better. Will you join me?
  • On G-Day, 7 September 2022, give in an area that matters to you: mental health, conservation and student support.

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Mental Health (PTSD) Research

    • On UniSC's official Giving Day (G-Day), give to support mental health research through the Thompson Institute. Make life better and provide real solutions for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
    • This G-Day I'm fundraising to provide hope for communities facing unprecedented mental health challenges. Will you support the Thompson Institute's work and give too?
    • This giving day (G-Day), 7 September, I'm supporting mental health (PTSD) research at the Thompson Institute, National PTSD Research Centre.

    Link to:

    Student Support

      • On giving day (G-Day) 7 September, I'm supporting UniSC student's who are at risk of not completing their study due to financial disadvantage. Can you donate to study support bursaries as well?
      • Give, so they don't give up. Help students with financial support on UniSC"s official Giving Day (G-Day).
      • Every gift to student support will be matched on UniSC's official Giving Day (G-Day). Give, and our kindness can change lives and remove barriers to higher education.
      • I believe every person should be able to achieve their study goals, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. I'm giving to provide study support bursaries to students in need on UniSC's official Giving Day (G-Day). Will you join me?
      • On UniSC's official Giving Day (G-Day), give to student support and help us remove barriers to education from financial disadvantage. Your kindness can change a student's life.

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      Sea Turtle Conservation