5 Steps for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Success

I. Activate your Giving Day Social Ambassador Fundraising Page

A. On https://www.usc.edu.au/gday, visit the USG Giving Day profile page, and click the "Fundraise" button on the top right of the page.
B. Once you've successfully logged in, click here to learn how to customize your dashboard.

II. Use your Giving Day Social Ambassador Fundraising Dashboard to customize your Fundraising Page
While your Fundraising page will have components of the USC Giving day profile, you will customize key sections to convey your personal goals and connection.

A. Select the “Tell Your Story” tab and complete the following sections:

1. Explain your connection and why you’re a passionate supporter.
2. Set a monetary fundraising goal.
3. Add a personal image or video for your story that relates to the area.

III. Send emails from your Social Ambassador Dashboard 
Contact your family, friends, classmates, and additional peer networks about USC Giving Day 

A. Click the “Reach Out” tab.
B. Select the “Send Email” button and enter in emails for the individuals you want to contact (you can enter in multiple email addresses at once).
C. Once you’ve entered your contacts, you’ll be prompted to create your message.

IV. Share your Giving Day Social Ambassador Fundraising Page through social media
Reach beyond direct connections and inform your social networks that you’re supporting USG Giving Day

A. Expand the “Share Socially” tab.
B. Facebook and Twitter buttons are readily available for easier posting.
C. You’ll also find your Ambassador Fundraising Page’s unique URL to share on additional social media platforms.

V. Thank your peers who donated through your Fundraising Page
Showing personalized gratitude is vital.

A. Select the “Give Thanks” tab in your Toolkit - a full list of all donors who gave through your page will appear.
B. Select the donors you want to thank using the “Thank Selected Donors” button to create your plain text email.

For more tips, visit the Giving Day Ambassador Toolkit to find resources like communication timelines, email templates, and social media tips.