Q. What is G-Day?

G-Day is USC's annual Giving Day. A day when staff, alumni and community join together to give a donation, small or big, to make a difference for USC students.

All funds raised on G-Day go towards providing Study Support Bursaries for USC students who are struggling financially.

Q. When is G-Day?

G-Day is on 16 May 2019.

Q. How can I get involved with G-Day?

There are so many ways for USC alumni, staff, students and members of the community to be involved with G-Day (Giving Day) activities.

There are opportunities to attend G-Day events, donate and participate across all USC campuses. See information on this site to get involved.

If you would like to organise an activity or volunteer on G-Day, please email: givingday@usc.edu.au.

Q. Can I help promote G-Day?

Please do! We encourage you to share the images and messages that are located in the Ambassador Toolkit. Send an email to friends, share on your Facebook page, tweet, blog, yell, and share the word about G-Day.

Q. Can I fundraise for G-Day?

If you would like to be a Fundraising Champion for G-Day, simply review the Peer2Peer Fundraising page within the Ambassador Toolkit. We’d love to have you join the G-Day fundraising community here at USC!

Q. How can I donate to G-Day?

Donate via credit card by clicking on the GIVE NOW button on this site for G-Day donations. These donations will be matched as part of the G-Day campaign challenges.

If you would like to donate via direct deposit, cheque or cash, please phone (07) 5430 1104 or email givingday@usc.edu.au for information.

Q. Will my donation be matched?

The Scott Williams Foundation has generously offered to match all donations to G-Day 2019 up to $75,000. When you make your gift online, the matching donation will automatically be included.

Q. Are donations to G-Day tax deductible?

Yes, all donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia. Donating online will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. A receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your donation.

Q. Is my payment secure?

Absolutely – G-Day is facilitated by GiveGab, a company who has partnered with Stripe, a PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of certification possible) to process all gifts. Read through Stripe's security documentation online.

Q. Having trouble making your donation?

Some credit card companies may ask you to verify donations which are made via our G-Day partner, GiveGab.com. If you require assistance, please contact the USC Development Office on 07 5430 1104 or Click Here To Email Us

Q. Who benefits from G-Day?

All funds raised as part of the USC Giving Day campaign go to students with demonstrated financial need through Study Support Bursaries. This not only benefits the students by enabling them to continue in their study but also creates a cycle of giving in the USC Community. Many bursary recipients say it also gives them the confidence to continue on their study path, knowing that someone believes in them and supports their journey. Donations may assist students with the costs of textbooks, food and living expenses while they are studying.

Q. How much of my donation will help students??

All funds (100%) donated to G-Day go directly to supporting students in need through providing Study Support Bursaries. The aim is to support students with financial need to be able to spend more time on their study and less time having to be in paid employment.

Q. Why do students need financial assistance?

While students can defer university fees, for those with limited financial means, it is the challenging task of balancing the time required to study with work demands and family commitments that often becomes too much to manage. The sad fact is that these students have the most to gain from a university education, and it is not their capability but their inability to pay their bills that makes them one of those students who discontinues their studies. Donations to G-Day will go directly to a Study Support Bursary for these students.

Q. What is GiveGab?

GiveGab is a non-profit giving platform based in Ithaca, New York USA that helps other non-profits to raise money for their organisation and fundraise in a more streamlined way. USC is partnering with GiveGab to facilitate our annual giving day.